About an Artist


​Anastasia is a Licensed Medical Esthetician, a Professional Makeup Artist and a Permanent Makeup Master. Known for her attentiveness to perfection and an eye to the small details, every client receives the VIP treatment. She has a solid educational background to stand upon and excellent creative skills, applying her knowledge to skin care and makeup.
A proud graduate of Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in Woburn, Massachusetts, Master Esthetics Program, she has been working as a skincare specialist, permanent makeup master and makeup artist for several years. Some of her work venues include weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots, commercial videos and various types of events and special occasions. Anastasia is a true professional, very responsible and talented beauty master.
Anastasia has always been an artistic child. She always had a passion for any kind of art and loved to draw and paint. So, there is no surprise that her passion for esthetics and makeups is an extension of her love for art and beauty. Makeup is an art and Anastasia truly believes that true beauty comes from within and she only helps this beauty to get an outer appearance. Her aim is to create styles to suit the individuality of each face.
English and Russian are spoken.